Web Development

Web Development

A well-developed backend is the foundation for any good dynamic website, and keeping that in mind throughout the entire web development process is important. At QuickShutter we bringĀ  coding expertise to the mix along with our creative design skills.

Custom Web Applications & Services

Looking to develop a custom web application to assist with the operational needs of your business? Having an automated web-based service is often simpler and more cost-effective than paying an employee to do repetitive tasks by hand. QuickShutter works with companies to develop online business platforms that manage accounts, automate payments, send notifications, mass-email, and more.


We see coding as an extension of the design process. Even as we code, we often make minor fixes for design consistency. QuickShutter uses the best coding practices and often invents new ones. Simply put, we are passionate about what we do and love what we do.


We craft beautiful code that is both valid and elegant. Clean code loads faster and more efficiently, giving our websites a competitive edge.


After a website has a solid XHTML/CSS foundation, Javascript allows us to improve upon the interactivity of a page and make it feel more user-friendly. This can range from subtle mouse-over effects to the complete loading and submitting of forms in the background without any visible loading of the page. We feel that adding a top layer of Javascript onto a website gives it more of a polished and refined feel.


PHP and MySQL are the most standard web development technologies and we do most of our custom development with them. Because they are so standard, an application developed with PHP and MySQL can be dropped on almost any server and run consistently. Both are open source and a standard in our industry.

Flash Actionscript

While we tend to avoid flash in favor of search-engine-friendly HTML/CSS, we often recommend the use of flash sparingly to give websites that extra kick. Flash is the preferred delivery method for video content and we often integrate flash video players with our content management systems.

Content Management Systems

We develop websites on top of content management systems. This allows you to make basic changes to your website at any time without having to wait days or weeks for a webmaster to assist you.